See Keegan Featured on ABC's "Right This Minute" (originally aired July 4th, 2017)
"We've all heard some really beautiful renditions of the National Anthem, but guitarist Keegan McClellan has raised the bar." -Charity Bailey, host of ABC's Right This Minute

About the Anthem Project

I drove with a film crew over ten thousand miles to travel the country, sea to shining sea, and play the National Anthem in America’s most beautiful outdoor locations. It involved cheap motels, late-night drives with little sleep and getting up in the early am to catch the “dawn’s early light” but it was all worth it.

The reason I chose to do this comes down to the focus that there has been lately on the negative, whether it’s related to clashing ideals about what is best for the country’s future or other issues. I wanted to do something that counteracts the collateral damage and speaks to every American from a positive and uplifting place and to honor those involved in its making and in its continued service. Nothing can make that statement better than the views of the land itself.



Original Press Release (PDF)

High Quality Image Links:

Glacier, MT

Rough Ridge, NC

Multnomah Falls, OR (Camera Monitor)

Portland, ME (Lighthouse)


About Keegan
Keegan McClellan has been playing guitar for over sixteen years and has taken his solo act everywhere from churches to metal festivals. He is one of the preeminent fingerstyle guitar players in Nashville and has developed a unique vocabulary and engaging performance that has earned him a reputation among some of Nashville’s top guitarists as “a fingerstyle freak” and “a monster player.”

In 2008, Keegan was one of only three students accepted into UT Knoxville’s exclusive jazz program and was offered a special scholarship before he decided to instead pursue his own path through acoustic fingerstyle. Soon after, he found himself studying with Nashville’s best and used his variety of influences to develop his approach to fingerstyle.

Since releasing his solo album, Travail, in 2010, Keegan has gone on to collaborate with a variety of artists, from Motown Records to heavy rock. He continues to arrange and compose and and has just released his most cinematic project to date, an epic rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner, in June 2017.